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As one of the most experienced i2 companies in the world, Blue Light provides all i2® product portfolio-related services. Learn more about what we offer.

Our engineers and developers can design, install, implement, integrate, and customize the perfect solution to meet your requirements.

As an IBM Preferred Services Partner, Blue Light offers ongoing services to clients across the i2 Industry. Consider having a Blue Light senior trainer/consultant onsite for a week, to address and discuss topics such as:

  • Supervise installations of Analyst’s Notebook, Blue Fusion, iBase, and 3rd Party data connectors, providing hands-on, one-on-one training and mentoring, case/development and troubleshooting
  • Assist analysts in the initial exporting of data sources and databases into CSV or Excel formats, and importing into Blue Fusion for workgroup sharing and case development
  • Assure analysts are up to speed, importing data, all elements of the software are correctly installed and working, and that your expectations for the investment are being met.

Our Services

  • i2 Plugin Development
  • i2 Implementation / Installation
    • IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook
    • I2 iBase
    • IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis (EIA)
    • Blue Light Blue Fusion for IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook
    • Blue Light Blue Fusion for EIA
  • Consulting
  • Technical Support

i2 Industry Solutions

No matter the industry, Blue Light’s goal is to understand the specific problem-set and identify the optimal solution to analyze, segment and parse data to provide insights.

Blue Light will configure and install the solution along with any customized plug-ins and/or data connectors necessary to associate data from across the customer’s IT infrastructure, a solution that for many translates to a first time look at their data from an enterprise perspective.

Business Intelligence
With ever-increasing levels of technology and automation today, it is an understatement to say that businesses are drowning in data and are missing out on the insight that data could provide if it was properly analyzed. Blue Light’s experience in connecting a company’s disparate data sources and repositories allows data that was formerly segregated to be aggregated with other corporate information giving analysts the ability to query that data to provide powerful insight into business operations and processes. From cyber threat analysis to retail loss and insurance fraud, Blue Light leverages the power of the i2 portfolio to link and visualize large amounts of business data to provide business stakeholders the insight they require to gain efficiencies, understand business trends and to minimize threats.
Blue Light provides critical support to the Commercial / Private industry sector in assisting companies with preventing retail loss. Blue Light analysts work with corporate security or loss prevention personnel to identify the data sets that apply to the security problem to be resolved. Customer analysts are then trained by Blue Light personnel to ensure that the individuals attending training have the knowledge and ability to accomplish their tasks in identifying and mitigating retail loss activity. Blue Light has been instrumental in assisting several national retail chains to identify and ingest customer and corporate information from their data files to assist the companies in reducing shoplifting and employee embezzlement.
Financial Institutions
Blue Light has been on the cutting edge in the application of i2 capabilities to the banking community. It was the first to take banking cybersecurity data from Security Identification and Event Monitoring (SIEM) environments such as QRadar and SPLUNK and integrate that with other bank records to counter fraud and hacking attacks on their external and internal networks. The integration of a financial institution’s data such as financial and customer records, emails, phone records, spreadsheets, social media accounts etc., combined with Blue Light’s i2 Analyst’s Notebook training provides the financial analyst the ability to collate both structured and unstructured information into a visual analysis environment to identify trends, fraud, and counter-threat financing.
Blue Light brings an understanding of healthcare-related data to a company to identify patterns and anomalies as well as the ability to combat fraud. Blue Light has been key in providing IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook training and analytical support to commercial, Federal and State Government Health Care analysts to include Medicare. By collating both structured and unstructured information from numerous data sources such as claims, billings, hospital operating costs and pharmaceutical costs, Blue Light provides the healthcare analyst with a powerful visual analysis environment and gives them the knowledge to build data models that identify the key who, what, when, where to gain better insight and understanding of the ‘modus-operandi’ of complex networks committing fraud and waste or to provide insight into healthcare business operations and processes.
With their extensive networks and highly automated services, insurance companies have enormous amounts of data that can be analyzed and visualized to provide valuable insights into trends and fraud related activities. Using the i2 portfolio, Blue Light can assess insurance claims and policy information with insurance industry-specific schema to identify fraud related activity and trends. Whether the data is structured or unstructured, on-site or in the cloud, Blue Light can combine insurance data with other industry or corporate information to avoid the “silo” problem that insurance companies often have within their policy divisions and provide them the visualization of that data they deserve.
Law Enforcement
Blue Light has accomplished more work providing i2 support to Law Enforcement in the U.S. and around the world than any other IBM Partner. The company has worked with Law Enforcement departments in major cities such as Atlanta to smaller departments around the country. To facilitate the ingestion and correlation of large amounts of Law Enforcement data, Blue Light has built connectors allowing connectivity between i2 and existing Law Enforcement software and databases significantly increasing the amount of data that LEA analysts are analyzing and allowing analysts to work together on cases simultaneously.
With the OPTEMPO of the last 12 years, many military units have increased the variety of and quantity of data being used by their analysts to support mission requirements. However, without an analysis of where the data resides and how to automate the availability of that data, analysts must depend on highly manual processes to support complex intelligence analysis. From counter-insurgency and counter threat financing, to Counter IED and cyber threat analysis, Blue Light has the proven capability to not only automate the collection and analysis of that data using the latest upgrades of i2 but also to train military analysts on the aggregation of disparate data from of numerous databases to provide the highest level of intelligence analysis possible.

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