A History of Success

At Blue Light, we are proud of our history and the projects we have taken on to support our customers as well as law enforcement and military organizations worldwide. Our work has taken us deep into combat zones as well as allowed us to support commercial organizations on every continent as well as in every major sector of the global economy.

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Operation Nighthawk:
A BlueLight Case Study


Operation Nighthawk was a 2014 multinational SOF training exercise, bringing together 1,600 personnel from military and police forces from more than 10 countries. The goal was to simulate a fast-paced deployment of SOF units to an active hotspot, and train both field operatives and support staff to plan and conduct special operations.

Operation Nighthawk: The Need

Coordinating the activities of Special Operations Forces requires analysts to analyze a vast flow of multi-source data in real-time, build up and share intelligence, and help define the next targets.

Operation Nighthawk: The Solution

Working alongside IBM® Global Business Services®, the exercise command team used IBM i2® solutions to create a central intelligence repository, complete with powerful analytical capabilities.

Operation Nighthawk: The Benefit

Increases efficiency, enabling limited resources to be focused on key targets. Helps analysts process extreme volumes of data to rapidly reveal hidden connections.

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