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Blue Light is a strategic IBM® Business Partner specializing in the sales, support, and training of the entire IBM i2® portfolio of products. Since its first i2 contract in 2004, Blue Light (formerly known as NEK) has grown from an i2 training company to a one-stop shop for all of your i2® related requirements including training, software sales, solution design, implementation, integration, and ongoing technical support.

Blue Light is also your sole source for the Blue Fusion™ and the Blue Light Management Console™ (BLMC) products providing increased value and efficiency for i2 installations.

i2 Services

Blue Light provides complete services around the i2® product portfolio. We can design, install, implement, integrate, and customize your solution. Our services team will work with you to ensure that your solution meets your requirements and provides value to your organization. We also will provide ongoing service, support, and maintenance after the sale.

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A Customer Focused i2 Experience…

With over a decade of experience supporting i2 products and operated by experienced military, law enforcement and technical experts, Blue Light is known for its commitment to the i2 customer’s needs and understands that each customer’s requirements are different. As a result, all of its products and services are adapted to serve each Blue Light i2 customer’s solution requirements.

A Global Footprint…

Blue Light is the only i2 company with a true global footprint and has been conducting i2 support around the world on every continent. Recognized as a Subject Matter Expert in the use and adaption of i2 to numerous solutions, Blue Light is approached but customers and IBM Partners around the globe to support their customer’s i2 needs.

A Decade Plus of i2 Experience…

Blue Light won its first i2 contract in 2004 training U.S. Special Operations Forces and is recognized as the oldest U.S. based support company for the i2 portfolio. Since that time, the company has provided training and support to numerous military and commercial customers around the world.

Industry Recognition…

Blue Light is known throughout the IBM Partner world, the military and law enforcement as the “go-to” company for i2 support. With its ability to support operations globally and support training needs anywhere, and its deep understanding of i2 portfolio products and product development team, Blue Light is called upon continuously to support i2 requirements everywhere.

End to End Solutions…

Unlike most i2 companies that focus on one segment of the i2 portfolio, Blue Light provides all aspects of support to all i2 portfolio products. Whether its i2, iBase or Enterprise Insight Analysis (EIA) or a combination of i2 products and tools, Blue Light can configure, develop, install and train your solution. It’s development team is recognized as one of the most proficient in the i2 industry and has developed industry leading products such as Blue Fusion™ and the Blue Light Management Console™ (BLMC).

Key Team Members

Edwin Boggess |
Vice President

Ed has been with Blue Light for over five years and has served in several positions including Trainer, Program Manager and Deputy Director of Training. Prior to joining Blue Light, Ed served 25 years in the United States Army. While in the military he served in the 82<sup>nd</sup> ABN Div. than later moved on to serve 21 years in Special Operations as a Special Forces Engineer, Intelligence SGT than retired in 2010 as Special Forces Team SGT. During his service he deployed to multiple countries including combat tours in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Republic of the Philippines, Demining Operations in Lebanon and Egypt and Disaster Relief Operation in Thailand, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

Ed has been a long-time user of the i2 Analyst’s Notebook software dating back to 2001 using it to map out relationships on a small Island in the Philippines while searching for a US couple kidnapped by Abu Sayyef Militants to Military Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Joel Damin |
Director of Operations

Joel Damin (Director of Operations) graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he received his commission as an officer in the US Army. He began his military career in the infantry before transitioning to Special Operations at Ft. Bragg, NC. After leaving the military Joel joined Blue Light as a trainer in the i2 suite of programs. From there he has progressed to the lead trainer and more recently to the Director of Operations. In this role he supervises the implementation of all projects and assists in the training and sales roles as needed. Joel has an extensive background in targeting, analysis, intelligence, and technology.

Marcos Cejudo |
Senior Software Developer

Marcos Cejudo is currently the Senior Software Developer at Blue Light with experience in web application development and delivery.

His knowledge of different programming languages and his fascination for automation have played a key role in one of Blue Light’s main flagship products, Blue Light Management Console (BLMC).

With over three years of experience in IBM’s i2 Solutions, Marcos has successfully deployed multiple analytic solutions to both law enforcement and private agencies throughout the country.

George Jamgochian |
National Sales Director

George Jamgochian is responsible for providing oversight to both direct and channel sales of IBM i2 portfolio products, training, and services.  His responsibilities include providing sales team leadership to help drive revenue, develop sales campaigns, build a sales support system, and manage sales operations.  George comes to Blue Light from IBM where he was successful in managing a portfolio of accounts using the IBM i2 intelligence analysis software portfolio in the commercial and law enforcement sectors.

Gary Whitehead |
Director of Training

Gary comes to Blue Light LLC with a 22-year Electronic Intelligence (Airforce) career, followed by short engagements with Lockheed Martin and the FBI before joining i2 Incorporated as a trainer in 2002. Gary honed his knowledge of i2 products for 10 years before the company was purchased by IBM where he stayed an additional 5 years before joining Bluelight as the Director of Training. Gary is a comfortable fit in this veteran-owned company that specializes in new and innovative ways to analyze data.

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IBM i2 Intelligence Technical Mastery Test v2 (P2065-749)
IBM i2 Intelligence Sales Mastery Test v2 (M2065-741)
IBM i2 Analyst Notebook Support Professional (P2065-035)
IBM i2 Intelligence Technical Professional v2
IBM i2 Certified Instructor Analyst’s Notebook
IBM i2 Certified Instructor iBase Designer
IBM i2 Certified iBase User
IBM i2 iBase Support Professional v1
IBM i2 Certified Instructor iBridge
IBM SVP Primary Support Provider Mastery Professional v1

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